Wednesday, 27 November 2013


You always want what you don't have. I would love to have long, straight, shiny black hair. What I have is even more extreme than the total opposite of this. Previously, I've attempted to get just halfway to the hairstyle I desire but this eventually resulted in me having to cut all my hair off; which, as it turns out, is great for the Yangon heat. The first time I went to my favourite hair salon here, I asked for a number 3. Instead of finding the right razor guard, they sat me down and showed me the small but colourful variety of hair dyes they had. Maybe they thought I wanted to look like them.

Highlights all round.

Hair or no hair, it seems that people here (especially men) really do want what they don't (and will never be able to) have, and they are prepared to go to any length to achieve results. They want to look good (and unique). And so here are the top 10 hair experiments I have witnessed so far in Yangon. I know I know - there are better, crazier, more bespoke styles out there but those very distinctive individuals wouldn't allow me to take their picture, probably for fear that someone would copy their shade and style.  Enjoy!

Number 10

Those boys behind are very jealous.

Number 9
Almost as bright as the sun.

Number 8

Even in Dalah, you can get your hair dyed.

Number 7

Rock n roll.

Number 6

When I saw this guy from the back, I called him younger sister by mistake. The squid is really cheap by the way.

Number 5

Three hairstyles in one.

 Number 4
Is it meant to look like that?

Number 3
He already won a rosette for the craziest hairstyle.

Number 2

No caption needed.

Number 1


You're probably thinking "what about the guy with the massive mohican and tattoos/ piercings who hangs around Dagon?" Obviously he is number one for originality but I haven't seen him in months. Maybe he's moved to New York. And the women? I only saw two with slightly wacky hairstyles and unfortunately, I'd left my camera at home.